Saturday, 20 July 2013

Viewing Figures

Well it is clear that we have quite a few part-time readers who popped in to get some positive news about the beginning of trials for progressive MS.

The viewing figures almost doubled for the day.

The other time that viewing figures spike is when ProfG is being controversial....yes I know thats most of the time.

I suppose you would rather less Brain Shred and more Benign MS.


  1. You know I don't even need to look who writes these posts, its the Mouse of course, something about that warped wry sense of humour that is a dead give away.

    And as to 'brain shred' - keep using that term and I will prevail upon Jed Bartlett to put his finger on the red button for the missile aimed at London!

  2. Warped Ha Ha :-).....The Achtung post was me.

    Point the missiles at London but if you did that you would miss the person using that term and kill me :-(

    Better get Jed to point them south.

  3. Mouse, I have decided not to kill off Prof G after all. His posts are now becoming delightfully radical! Nothing like a steamed up neuro!


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