Sunday, 21 July 2013

Oh my God!. He's left his tool

Prof G has disappeared once again somewhere beginning with...

As can be seen he has forgotten his laptop so please be aware that he may be incomunicado for a while do don't be offended if there is no response and if you think the posts are rubbish.

I bet you........he can't resist a dabble on that smartphone.  

Are you reading this?....You should be sipping Mai Tais


  1. I heard that he's used all the air miles amassed from this year's MS conferences and has flown on a Biogen 777 to Teva Island where he is staying at the 6 star Genzyme hotel.

    He sent me an e-mail asking me to visit the lab once a week as he's concerned about his colleague (apparently a small amount of medical cannabis can't be accounted for and HMV's entire Iron Maiden DVD collection has been bought up by a 50 year old norther with a ponytail).

    Prof Mouse - please do some work why your boss is away. You could surprise Prof G by pushing forward the Charcot Project and writing some grant application which have a chance of being approved.

  2. Dear Anon You heard wrong

    I was told I have other things to do.

    1. You don't work for QMUL do you? You soundlike someone.

  3. You should be worried about talking to yourself - in public!


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