Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New secondary progressive MS trial is launched

.#MSreserarch Progressive Trial Launched

For anyone that hasn't seen this in the news today, the MS-SMART trial has had its initial press release. This trial, which we are involved in, is being co-ordinated by Dr Jeremy Chataway from UCL. The aim is to compare 3 existing drugs (amiloride, ibudilast and riluzole), which have the potential to be useful in secondary progressive MS. The BBC coverage is here

More details are available from the MS-SMART website, where you can register your interest for this trial. 


  1. Is there a difference between SPMS and PPMS other than one begins with detectable relapses while the other doesn't? Aren't we causing a possible pickle by not branding progressive MS as an all-encompassing cohort?

    1. There are the splitters and the lumpers... I more of a lumper and think the processes in SPMS and PPMS are essentially identical in trials however the splitters usually rule

    2. Good question anon and one I never get a reasonable answer to either.It would be nice if you could tell us in layman's terms the main differences between the 3 types of MS. (ppms,rrms and spms)

      Regards as always.

    3. Main Time

      May be has a teaching post on this


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